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International Consulting Services

Also, depending on the countries involved, there may be treaty benefits available that could reduce the worldwide effective tax rate on the disposition. Two of the most important considerations for non-US companies disposing of US real estate are withholding under the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act and available treaty benefits. Please reach out to your Moss Adams professional with any questions you might have, or you can also ask questions here. The career path from there is to...

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Will The Fatca Filing Requirement Ever Be Repealed?

For example, while stock shares are reported on Form 8938 for FATCA, they are not reported on the FBAR. Likewise, a stock account is generally reported for both FATCA and FBAR. Penalties for non-compliance are harsh, and failure to report can add up to $50,000 in fines. Additionally, the FATCA may extend the three-year statute of limitations to six-years if you neglect to report over $5,000 of income attributable to one of the above assets. Our accountants at Acosta Tax & Advisory can...

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Cross Border Tax Law

We can help you formulate, implement, and monitor a new approach that aligns your global tax and treasury strategies with your business objectives. If you decide to hire a tax preparer near you, ask if the tax preparation can be handled remotely. If your business expands to new global markets, congratulations. At the same time, unfortunately, you’re exposed to new tax liabilities, risks and challenges. The international tax landscape changes as regulations evolve. Wiss & Company,...

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