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What Is A Foreign Trust

It also says that funds inside are SIPP that would normally be treated as PFICs by the IRS are protected under the pension wrapper and not reportable as such. The U.S. 2017 Tax Act dictates the scope of certain deductions for non-grantor trusts. As these new regulations take shape, IWTA’s tax advisors continue to help clients navigate the tax laws and understand how best to position themselves to avoid unnecessarily steep penalties. The IRA's sole trustee is a United States person within...

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Tax Cpa International

The moment you turn to us, we will use our knowledge and skills to help make your life easier and less stressful. I really enjoy putting together models that describe data and help organized inferences out of what is available so good decisions can be made. I like identifying outliers and digging into the detail until it all fits together. In today’s increasingly complex business and tax environment, there are more demands for transparency. I've been doing my taxes with them for year...

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