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Reporting Requirements For Foreign Assets

CBDT has clarified that only foreign assets acquired as per the relevant accounting period of the foreign country have to be reported while filing ITR for FY . Foreign asset reporting is an important part of US tax obligations but often overlooked by US citizens abroad. We can help you determine if you have to report foreign assets and prepare the appropriate forms for you. An FBAR has to be submitted if the combined value of all your foreign bank accounts exceeds $10,000 at any point in time...

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Do You Have A Foreign Trust To Report To The Irs?

It is important to get professional advice regarding the establishment of a foreign trust. It must be set up correctly if it is to provide the asset protection you desire, and this is something we specialise in at GRA. It is also highly advisable to use a New Zealand professional trustee to oversee the administration of such a trust to ensure it is run correctly and meets all its legal obligations. If a partially-owned grantor trust makes the election, the election is effective for the...

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Cross Border Tax Law

We can help you formulate, implement, and monitor a new approach that aligns your global tax and treasury strategies with your business objectives. If you decide to hire a tax preparer near you, ask if the tax preparation can be handled remotely. If your business expands to new global markets, congratulations. At the same time, unfortunately, you’re exposed to new tax liabilities, risks and challenges. The international tax landscape changes as regulations evolve. Wiss & Company,...

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