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Tweezerman Tweezers: Best On The Market

  • Street: Flatmark 199
  • City: Jessheim
  • State: Arizona
  • Country: Norway
  • Zip/Postal Code: 2052


Tweezerman is a worldwide business that manufactures the highest quality most efficient and sought-after beauty tools in the marketplace. The first pair of tweezers, Splintertweeze in 1980 was a huge hit and quickly became the most sought-after tweezers. Their unique, hand-filed, aligned tips are so precise that they are able to grab even the most stubborn hairs each time. After the success of their first tweezer, the designers set out on a quest to develop an even more versatile product. The Tweezerman Slant was created. Twenty-five years later, it is still the most popular tweezer available in the market.
Tweezerman provides a variety of tweezers which can be used to meet specific hair removal – needs. The choice of tweezers offered currently include eyebrow, body hair, ingrown hair broad grip, pointed, rounded or slanted tip tweezers. There are a variety of make you may need and everything in between. Every Tweezerman tweezer was made using the highest-quality stainless steel as well as the finest enamel coating. What makes Tweezermans tweezers from the other tweezers is their hand-filed, perfectly aligned tips, making the ideal tool for an effective grip for those with baby-fine, ingrown facial hair and body hair.
Tweezermans Best Tweezers:
Tweezerman Body Tweezer – Stainless #1270 – Are perfect for 激光脫毛 – electrologists and waxing estheticians. They are perfect for legs hair, chin, and hairs that have grown in due to the sharp point that allows you to securely grab coarse hair.
Tweezerman’s Ingrown Hair Splintertweeze #1304 is a collection that features ultra-sharp and elongated tips that are ideal for removing splinters and hairs that are ingrown.
The Tweezerman Pointed tweezer #1261 is ideal for grabbing the longest hairs. This makes the perfect electrologists as well as waxing estheticians.
Tweezerman Round Tip Tweezer #1219 This latest tweezer is designed to provide safety while tweezing using round tips.
Tweezerman Wide Grip Tweezer – Stainless #1217 – Offers an additional wide grip for more accurate tweezing on the smoothest or finest of hair. This is great for hair that has grown ingrown.

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